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Research Projects

  • Project Title: Commercialization of a Real time Agricultural Mobile-based Information System ("Govi-Nena")
  • Research Groups

    Tentative Topics Team members Tentative Sub-groups
    Ontology and Knowledge Engineering Prof. W.A. Indika Ontology
    Ms. T.D.G. Geethika Knowledge Engineering
    Bioinformatics and Accelerated Models for Big Data Processing Dr. Sugandima Vidanagamachchi Accelerated Models for Big Data Science
    Dr. Thusangi Wannige Computational biology
    Machine Learning and Software Engineering Mr. S.A.S. Lorensuhewa Natural Language Processing
    Ms. M.A.L. Kalyani Natural Language Processing
    Dr. Charaka Kapugama Oracle Guided Automated Program Repair Machine Learning-based Oracle Mining
    Computer Vision Mr. Kasun Wijeweera Image processing, Motion Detection, Face Recognition, Object Detection
    Ms. Hiruni Peiris Medical Image Processing
    Ms. Tharika Weerakoon Human Motion Detection, Capturing and Processing
    Artificial Intelligence Mr. Thilina Jayethilaka Invariant Pattern Recognition using Biologically Plausible Spiking Neural Networks (MAT/ML/DL/BP/BF)
    Ms. Binuri Raigamkorale Deep learning, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, timeseries Data Analysis
    Mr. Gihan Chaturanga Evolutionary Computing Approach for Optimization and Neural Network for Prediction models