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Computer Literacy Course (CLC) Programme

The Computer Unit conducts a Computer Literacy Course (CLC) for all the science students who do not follow Computer Science as a subject. This course is offered to the students in their first academic year and it lasts for one year.

Note: According to the Examination Criteria students who do not follow computer science as one of the subjects for their degree programme must pass the examination of Computer Literacy Course in order to release the final results of the B.Sc. Degree.

Part I CLC/First year of CCIT (30 lecture hours, 60 practical hours)
* Basic Concepts of Software and Hardware
* Windows Operating Systems (Windows XP)
* Word Processing (MS-Word)
* Presentation Tools (MS-PowerPoint)
* Spreadsheet Application (MS-Excel)
* Database Management Systems- I (MS-Access)
* Computer Programming Fundamentals (C-Language)