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Research Areas

  • Text Mining and Text Classification Data Mining, Rule Extraction and Knowledge Representation Applica- tions of Machine Learning Techniques.
  • Intelligent Information Retrieval: Pattern Recognition, Fuzzy clustering, Data Mining/ Web Mining, Conceptual Indexing and Similarity Search in text data, Context Based Clustering
  • Conceptual Modelling, Process Modelling and Process Patterns, Formal Specification of Processes, e-Commerce Standardization, Service Oriented Computing
  • Network Monitoring and Acquiring and Managing Information
  • E-commerce information systems development, Model-drivers design, Goal, Business & service Modelling
  • Computational Geometry, Computer Graphics programming, Design and analysis of Algorithms, Graph Theory
  • Computational Systems Biology, Bioinformatics, Modelling and Simultation, Neural Computing, Stochasting Modelling
  • Knowledge engineering ,Business Process Modeling and Business Rule modeling with application to problems in healthcare domain
  • Embedded Systems, reconfigurable computing, machine learning, Bio-Informatics
  • Knowledge Representation, Ontology, Semantic Web, Ontology Engineering, Mobile Applications