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Welcome to the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science consists of the Departments of Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, and Zoology. The Faculty offers primarily undergraduate courses leading to a three-year Bachelor of Science (General) Degree and four-year Bachelor of Science (Special) Degrees. [more]


General Convocation

Upcoming Event

General Convocation of the University of Ruhuna hold every year for the conferment of the Special, General and Postgraduate Degrees to the graduands of the Faculties of Agriculture, "Humanities and Social Science", "Management & Finance", "Medicine", "Engineering" , "Fisheries & Marine Sciences & Technology" and Science.

Academic Sessions & Vice chancellor's Awards

Date: March 19,2014

IIE11th Academic Sessions and 10th Vice Chancellor's Awards ceremony of the University of Ruhuna will take place at the Faculty of Management and Finance on 19th March 2014. [more]

Faculty Day

Date: 2013-10-02

Faculty day emerged from a desire to enrich the quality of intellectual and social life on campus and focuses on renewing relationships among the staff and the students, broadening our knowledge about the Faculty, and improving social harmony within the University community through a wide spectrum of activities. [more]

Certificate Course in Computer Technology

The Department of Computer Science of the University of Ruhuna conducts the Certificate Course in Computer Technology as an external course. [more]

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