Department of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry


The vision of the Department is to produce graduates with a sound knowledge in Chemistry having international recognition and the ability to fulfill chemistry based current needs of the country. Our academic programmes provide high quality B.Sc. General and Special Degrees and challenging learning opportunities in fundamental, advance, practical and applied Chemistry. Research facilities are also offered to students who are seeking postgraduate qualifications such as M.Phil. and Ph.D. Degrees in Chemistry. The department is equipped with five elementary (teaching) laboratories with a total capacity of 240 to 300 undergraduates and two advanced laboratories for students reading for B.Sc. Special Degree and for postgraduate degrees in Chemistry. In addition to the above the department has a well-equipped special equipment room and also a computer room with Internet and E-mail facilities. Computer facility is being used for computer assisted learning in Chemistry. The department offers several optional course units with an objective to enhance the employment opportunities of graduates of University of Ruhuna.


Prof. Chinthaka Sanath Gangabadage
Professor in Chemistry

  • B.Sc. Chem Sp. (Ruhuna, SL) , Ph.D. in Biophysical Chemistry (NL)
Office -
Extention - 4402