Department of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry

Research Areas

Research activities in the following areas are carried out in the Department of Chemistry:

  • Synthetic Medicinal chemistry
  • Natural Product Chemistry
  • Study of the metal-metal interaction of covalently linked transition metals and their photochemical activity
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Photochemistry
  • Chemical sensing
  • Reactive oxygen species of atmospheric interests
  • Development of new spectrophotometric methods for the determination of various ions at trace level
  • Production of coconut shell based charcoal and enhancement of its adsorptive properties
  • Development of a new force field for computational chemistry using Kirkwood-Bu theory for solutions.
  • Study of the colligative properties at higher concentration
  • Stability of bio-molecules in solvent co-solvent media
  • Interaction of Ca(II), Mg(II) and Sr (II) with metallo-chromic indicators in binary solvent systems
  • Dynamics and Magnetic properties of transition metal clusters
  • Use of rice hulls for the production of pure silicon
  • Desalination of seawater for drinking and cleaning purposes
  • Structural and optical properties of transition metal complexes