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Academic Staff member

Mrs. M. A. L Kalyani

Lecturer (Confirmed)

B. Sc (Colombo, S.L.), Lic. Phil (Uppsala, Sweden),
Email kalyani@dcs.ruh.ac.lk
Extention 4807

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  • COM3b3b Computer Project
  • CSC1113 Programming Techniques
  • CSC1223 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CSC1251 Computer Laboratory
  • CSC3113 Group Projects
  • CSC3172 Distributed Systems
  • CSC4172 High Performance Computing
  • CSC4046 Individual Research Project
  • Parallel Computing
  • Distributed Computing
  • • Munasinghe K, Wair R. “Load Balancing for Distributed Memory Multiprocessors"" presented at the International IT conference IITC2000 held in Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • • Munasinghe K. “On using Mobile Agents for Load Balancing in High Performance Computing"", Licentiate thesis from the Department of Information Technology, Uppsala university, ISSN 1404-5117 ; 2002-006
  • • Munasinghe K., Wait R. ""Load Balancing in High Performance Computing on Clusters"" presented at the International Conference GCC2002 held in Hainan, China in December , 2002
  • • Munasinghe, K. and Wait,R. Load Balancing by Changing the Graph Connectivity on Heterogeneous Clusters , Advances in Grid Computing - EGC 2005, LNCS 3470, Peter M. A. Sloot, Alfons G. Hoekstra, Thierry Priol, Alexander Reinefeld and Marian Bubak (eds), pp 1040-1047, Springer, 2005
  • • D N Ranasinghe, K P M K Silva, K Munasinghe, M Jayewardena, On the Performance of Large Dimensional Parallel Matrix Multiplication algorithms on the computational grid, IITC2005 held in Colombo
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  • • K. D.C. G Kapugama, S. A. S. Lorensuhewa, M. A. L Kalyani “Enhancing Wikipedia Search Results using Text Mining” International Conference on Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions ( ICTer 2016) pp 168 – 175
  • • Chanaka K. M. R, S. A. S. Lorensuhewa, M. A. L Kalyani, “ A preliminary model of predictive text for Sinhala using N-gram Statistics” RISTCON 2017
  • • Sarubi T. S. A. S. Lorensuhewa, M. A. L Kalyani “Use of dynamic text prediction for Tamil text editing” RISTCON 2018
  • • K. D.C. G Kapugama, S. A. S. Lorensuhewa, M. A. L Kalyani, “Improving user friendliness of Singlish to Sinhala Unicode conveters by word prediction” RISTCON 2018
  • • Ekanayaka R. K. S. K , S. A. S. Lorensuhewa, M. A. L Kalyani, “Sinhala news analysis using text mining and machine learning”, RISTCON 2018
  • • P. D. T. Chathuranga, , S. A. S. Lorensuhewa, M. A. L Kalyani “Sinhala Sentiment Analysis using Corpus based Sentiment Lexicon” ICTer 2019
  • • Sandaruwan H. M. S. T., , S. A. S. Lorensuhewa, M. A. L Kalyani, “Sinhala Hate Speech Detection in Social Media using Text Mining and Machine Learning” ICTer 2019
  • Organizing committee member 4th Science Symposium, Faculty of Science, University of Ruhuna - 2006
  • Organizing committee member 1st Ruhuna International Science & Technology Conference - 2014
  • Mentor, Faculty of Science, University of Ruhuna 2008 - uptodate