Science Symposium

Proceedings of the Fifth Science Symposium - February 2009

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    1. Nematicidal activity of aqueous flower extract of clove ,Eugenia caryophyllata, against meloidogyne javanica: a laboratory study
    W.T.S.Dammini Premachandra and W.M.D.F Gunasekara
    2. Effect of Trebone (Etofenprox) dosage on population density of cluster caterpillar,Spodoptera litura(F)(Lepidoptera:Noctuidae) in Mukunuwenna,Alternanthera sessilis(L)
    Frenando I.D.K.L and Wickramasinghe M.G.V
    3. Structure of the avifauna in major lagoons of the Bundala national park (A Ramsar Wetland in sri lanka )in relation to several habitat characteristics
    Chandana E.P.S, Amarasinghe N.J. de S and samayawardhana L.A.
    4. Biotransformation of Nootkatone using Macrophomia Phasiolina
    Vajira P.Bulugahapitiya, Syed Ghulam Musharaff
    5. Identification of key inspect pollinators and their active pollinating period of the day on selected vegetable plants in mixed cropping system
    M.M.H.Silva and H.C.E.Wegiriya
    6. Influence of rearing good substrate on food preference of rice weevil Sitophelus Oryzae L.(Coleoptera,Curculionidae)
    M.G.V. Wickremesinghe, C.N.L. Bogahawatta, H.C.E, Wegiriya and N.fathima
    7. Server Study of the Requirement of a Teller Machine within the Ruhuna University Wellamadama Premises for Public Usage
    R.M.K.T. Rathnayake and Leslie jayasekara
    8. A preliminary surver of the current use of hydroponic agriculturel methods in selected areas
    R.M.M.N. Rathnayake and N.P. Dissanayake.
    9. Effect of fumigants obtained from different locally available plants on mushroom pest megaselia
    sp Kulawansa P.W.L.P. Chandana E.P.S. and Wegiriya H.C.E
    10. Identification of UV absorbing compounds in sea cucumber (Holothuria atra) and synthesis of synthetic analogues
    D.Loshini S. de silva nad W.M. bandaranayake
    11. Development of a semi �quantitative method to determine the cyanogenic glucosides in bamboo shoots for the industrial application
    M.T.C. Kumari and jaanaki Goonarathne
    12. Intraspecific variation in morphology and osteology in Puntius sarana (Teleostei:Cyprinidae)
    F Inaza Irfan and K.B.Suneetha gunawickrama
    13. 6. Morphological variation in Rasbors daniconius(teleostei: Cyprinidae) among selected geographic populations
    R.G.D.R.jayawicrama and K.B.Suneetha gunawickrama
    14. 7. Investigation for an equivalent model to study solar cell characteristics
    K.V.S.Prasadh, G.D.K.Mahanama and K.P.S. Jayatilake
    15. 8. Survey about facilities obtained for students by the university of ruhuna & related facts for the results of students in faculty of science.
    D.C.Kirindeniya and L.A.L.W.Jayasekara