Science Symposium

Proceedings of the Eighth Science Symposium - December 2011

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    1. A numerical study of Shor�s algorithm for large integer factorization
    Perera M.W.S. and Yapage N.
    2. Managements of energy use during tire production at Loadstart factory using a home made message display unit
    K.G.K.U.gamage,M.Kodikara,W.G.D. Dharmarathna,K.K.A.S.Yapa,S.S.Abeywickrama
    3. Comparative study on leaf damage of sylepta derogate (Lepidoptera: pyralidae) on abelmoschus esculantus and its wild relative Abelmoschus angulosus
    D.M.D.S. Dissanayake, H.C.E.Wegiriya and C.N.L.Bogahawatte
    4. The nematicidal properties of aqueous extract of ripe Garcinia cambogia L.(family: Clusiaceae)fruits
    W.T.S.Dammini Premachandra and W.M.D.F. Gunasekara
    5. Screening of Genetic Diversity of Cinnamomum ssp.Found in sri lanka using PCR based techniques
    P.D Abeysinghe and K.G.G Wijesinghe
    6. 6. Investigation on finite volume method for solving diffusion equation
    M.C.S. Frenando and M.K.Abeyrathna
    7. A survey of knowledge attiudes and percetions(KAPs) of monkey tapeworm disease in matara districts
    Weerasinghe C.H. Gunawickrama K.B.S, yahathugoda C and weerasooriya M.V
    8. Can the T-cell anergy be explained via slow dynamics of glassy systems?
    9. In vitro propagation of chirita moonii Gardner.;an endemic sri Lankan shrub with potential as ornamental plant
    U.P. Walawegw ,K.K.G.U. Hemamali, H.M.I.Herath
    10. Identification of Alternanthera philoxeroides(Alligator weed) from its native congener alternanthera sessilis(Mukunuwenna)
    W.J.A.M. Tricksika T.G.Dayananda and K.Masakoorala.
    11. Numerical solutions of a mathematical model of pattern formation in coral reefs
    L.W.Somathilake and Janak R wedagedara.
    12. Case study of branded dry cells
    P.N.G. rathnaweera K.P.S.Jayathilaka, S.S.Abeywickrama
    13. A preliminary study on the attenuation of sound over the ground level
    R.M.R.M.Jayathilaka, J.A.P.Bodhika, W.G.D.Dharmarathna
    14. A study of the risk factory of low birth weight of neonates at matara general hospital
    K.A.U.sakunthala, L.A.L.W. Jayasekara
    15. Analysis of selected rice varieties in sri lanka by randomly amplified polymorphic DNA(RAPD)
    A.M.R.M. Abeykoon, U.G.L.Ruwanthilaka,M.S.K.Kumari ,K.K.G.U.Hemamali,
    16. Comparison of Photocurrent enhancement of p-CuSCN/n-Cu2O junction photo electrode in photo electrochemical cells preparedusing KI and FeSO4 electrolytes
    17. 17. A framework for developing SMS and web-based application to provide value-added services to the university community
    Aruna Lorensuhewa,deeepani Guruge,tharaka Ilayperuma and thusitha Ranjana
    18. Comparative study of the forecasting ability of some Backpropagation Artificial Neural Network Models with learning Rate Adaptation for Colombo Stock market
    E.J.K.P.Nandani and J.R.Wedagedara
    19. 19. Modeling cross-Modal Neural plasticity with interacting nearst neighbor Ising spin systems in d-dimension(d1,2)
    B.B.U.P. perera and J.R.Wedagedara
    20. 20. Preliminary investigations on phytochemicals present in Bauhinia racemosa leaves and test for their anti-bacterial activity
    Vajira P.Bukugahapitiya and S.D.T.M.samaraweera.