Science Symposium

Proceedings of the Seventh Science Symposium - February 2009

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    1. Analysis of genetic relatedness of Cinnamomum species by Randomly Amplified Ploymorphic DNA(RAPD)
    K.C.Samanthika,P.D.Abeysinghe & K.G.G.Wijesinghe
    2. Analysis of zooplankton diversity and abundance in Bundala lagoon in bundala national Park (A ramsar wetland in sri lanka) with reference to the aquatic habitat characters
    P.B.I.K.A.dayasiri,E.P.S.Chandana,N.J.De S. Amarasinghe & L.A.samayawardana
    3. Construction of a three dimentional structural model for tRNA methyltransferase
    M.D.C.P.Piyasena, W.Ubhayasekara, & C.S. gangabadage
    4. Dependence of CMC of SDS micelles on sodium chloride and in the presence of some amino acids
    W.M.N.S. Wanasinghe & C.S.Gangabadage
    5. Effect of pre-sowing BAP treatment on seed germination and seedling vigour in sri Lankan Exacum trinervium(L.)Druce, a threatened endemic herb
    D.S.Vithanage, N.P.Dissanayake, T.G.dayanannda, S.A.Krishnarajah & Rubasinghe
    6. Genetic variability of exacum trinervium complex in sri lanka
    D.S.Vithanage,T.G.Dayananda,N.P.Dissanayake,S.A.Krishnarajah & M.K.Rubasinghe
    7. Investigation of Lead(pb) content in Ipomea aquatic(Kankun) grown in the area around Matara
    D.V.D. Hemalika,&Vajira P. Bulugahapitiya
    8. Preliminary study on Identification of morphological and genetic differences found in micro-propagated Ambul Banana variety in sri lanka
    A.M.R.M. Abeykoon, K.K.Hemamali, Y.U.Ketipearachchi & E.S.C. Edirisinghe
    9. Morphological relationships of Devario(family-Cyprinidae)morphotypes/species
    R.L.Asha & M.P.K.S.K. De Silva
    10. A dynamical system for natural resistance against Malaria
    N.M.B. Kariyawasam and K.C.N Shanthidevi
    11. A Practical device to reduce the wastage of cooking gas
    W.M.B.P.Weerasinghe, W.G.D.D. Dharmarathna and E.M.Ranatunga
    12. Comparative analysis of protein and lipid contents of two �prawn/shimp� species in sri lanka
    G.G.N.Thushari and D.H.N. Munasinghe
    13. Evidence for geographic heterogeneity and population differentiation in Puntiuschola (Cyprinidae) using morphometric analysis
    K.B. Suneetha Gunawickrama , D.A.M.Dilrukshana and S.H.N.P.Gunawickrama
    14. Investigation of first and higher order finite Difference Schemes for selected 1D and 2D Fluid Flow Problems
    D.I.Gomes and M.K. Abeyratne
    15. Life cycle of the fruit borer in Mangrove Apple, Sonneratia caseolaris(L.) Engl., in Sri lanka
    A.C.D.Rajapaksha, M.G.V. Wickramasinghe , L.P. Jayatissa and F.Dahdouh-Guebas
    16. Numerical Solution of the Schrodinger Equation
    E.K.N. DAmayanthi and K.P.S. Jayathilake
    17. Programming of a simple molecular dynamic simulation using open source software
    R.M.R.M. Jayathilaka, K.K.A.S.Yapa and W.G.D. Dharmarathna
    18. Re-analysis of 50 years data of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm (RAAA) repair using cumulative meta-analysis(CMA) and meta-sub-group analysis(MSA)
    D.P.Jeewan Chathurika and L.A.L.W.Jayasekara
    19. �Sanjeewani� (Actiniopteris dichotoma Bedd) is amazing; potentially, a promising plant for the warming globe!
    B.K.S. Madhuranga and L.P.Jayatissa. a
    20. Some biological facts on the mangrove apple fruits borer(Lepidoptera,Noctuidae) and a clue for a possible controlling measure.
    A.C.D.Rajapaksha, M.G.V.Wickramasinghe, F.Dahdouh-Guebas and L.P.jayatissa.
    21. Study of adsorption characteristics of activated carbon produced by using Coconut shells and Rice Hulls
    H.Rathnasiri, S.H.S. Dananajaya and M.Edussuriya
    22. 22. Study of photocurrent generating mechanism of n-Cu2Op-CuSCN Junction electrode in Photoelectrochemical cells
    D.A.Madarasinghe and G.D.K.Mahanama
    23. 23. User friendly tool in taxonomic studies of invertebrates: a case study on firefly photography in Wellamadama premises,University of Ruhuna
    W.M.C.D.Wijekoon ,H.C.E.Wegiriya and C.N.L.Bogahawatta