Science Symposium

Proceedings of the First Science Symposium - 11 December 2002

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    1. Study of the interaction of Calcium (II) metallochromic indicators
    in binary methanol-water mixtures
    M Edussuriya,PHP Nelum and WS Hemalika
    2. Feeding behaviour of Rasbora daniconius in three Srilanken reservoirs
    PB Amarasinghe And MG Ariyarathne
    3. Surface tempurature variability of ocean waters around Sri lanka
    KKAS Yapa and KGS Champika
    4. Preliminary in vitro screeining of some mangrove plant extracts for antibacterial compounds against clinical bacterial isolates from different sources.
    PD Abeysinghe,M Vithanawasam,RN Pathirana and S Abeysinghe
    5. Are lagoons characteristics lost due to freshwater intake? Apreliminary study on microecosystems in malala Lagoon,bundala national park,sri lanka EPS Chandana,R Ravindra,AHP Lasanthi and LA Samayawardana
    6. Screening of solvent extracts of leaves,stem and bark of Hemidesmus indicus for different tyoes of secondary metabolites VP Bulugahapitiya and RPDS Chandani
    7. Pyrimac (chlorpyriphos),a commonly used pesticide,alters structurel integrity of epididymal epithelium and epidydimal sperm function in arts
    PMC Priyanganie and LA Samayawardhena
    8. A correlation between activation energy and light absorption of wo3 incorporated TiO2
    WGD Dharmarathna,PWC Roshan ,WP Siripala ,And LBDRP Wijesundera