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Bachelor of Science (BSc) General Degree Programme

Curriculum of Bachelor of Science (BSc) General Degree: Botany
Course Code Course Lecture Hours Practical Hours Core/Optional
BOT1112 Plant Diversity, Unity and Evolution 30C
BOT1121 Scientific Approach and Biometrics 15C
BOT1131 Plant Anatomy15C
BOT1141 Botany Practicals I 45C
BOT1212 Genetics 30C
BOT1221 Plant Systematics 15C
BOT1231 Plant Ecology 15C
BOT1241 Botany Practicals II 45C
BOT2112 General Microbiology30C
BOT2121 Plant Pathology15C
BOT2131 Molecular Biology15C
BOT2141 Botany Practicals III 45C
BOT2212 Plant Physiology and Biochemistry30C
BOT2221 Environmental Science 15C
BOT2231 Soil- Plant Relationships 15C
BOT2241 Botany Practicals IV 45C
BOT3112 : Advanced Plant Ecology (20 lecture hrs + 21 practical hrs) 2021O
BOT3122 Horticulture, Floriculture and Landscaping 2021O
BOT3132 Advanced Microbiology 2021O
BOT3142 Advanced Plant Pathology (15 lecture hrs + 30 practical hrs)1530O
BOT3162 Forestry (20 lecture hrs+15 practical hrs) 2015O
BOT3172 Food Technology (20 lecture hrs + 21 practical hrs)2021O
BOT3182 Advanced Molecular Biology2021O
BOT3191 Weed Biology 126O
BOT3212 Wood Science 2021O
BOT3222 Plant Tissue Culture 2021O
BOT3232 Advanced Plant Physiology 2515O
BOT3242 Advanced Environmental Science2021O
BOT3251 Plant Virology15O
BOT3261 Economic Botany15O
BOT3271 Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology15O
BOT3282 Plant breeding2515O
BOT3292 Plant Ecophysiology2515O