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Research Areas

  • Identification of pathogen/s associated with yellow leaf and mosaic disease in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) in Sri Lanka
  • Determination of the quality of cinnamon quills after primary processing at three levels of value chain in Galle district
  • Phytoremediation of soil contaminated by hydrocarbons.
  • Development of bacteria mediated bioremediation technique for hydrocarbon contaminated soils.
  • Effects of selected herbicides on soil total microbial activity and cyanobacteria
  • In-vitro propagation of medicinal and ornamental plants.
  • Improvement of in-vitro propagation systems of banana.
  • Diversity and phylogentic analysis of Cinnamomum spp. (Family Lauraceae) and Calotropis (Family Apocynaceae) found in Sri Lanka.
  • Nutrient content of mangrove propagules
  • Serpentine soil patches in the southern region of Sri Lanka
  • Gene expression and signal transduction of Rhizophora mucronata in water stress response
  • Effect of Allelochemicals of Casuarina equistifolia on some selected weed species
  • Conservation of critically endangered mangrove species, Lumnitzera littorea by using tissue culture and vegetative methods