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Academic Staff member

Mr. D. D. N. Sripal

Lecturer (Probationary)

B.Sc.- (Ruhuna, SL)
Ph.D. - (Reading for Ph.D)

Email - naradas@bot.ruh.ac.lk

LinnkedIn ResearchGate Google Scholar

  • Plant Diversity, Plant Systematics, Forestry, Economic Botany, Bio-statistics, Herbarium Methodologies
  • Forest functions, Plant Taxonomy, Medicinal Plants
  • Sripal. DDN., Gunatilleke I.A.U.N., Gunaratne A.M.T.A., Madawala, H.M.S.P. 2013, Changes in Edaphic Gradients across Forest-Land Use Margins in an Isolated Rainforest Remnant in the Knuckles Range, Sri Lanka. Proceedings of International Forestry and Environment Symposium 18
  • Hettiarachchi H.A.M.S., Sripal D.D.N., Gunasekara R.D.A., Yapa Y.M.A.L.W. 2021. Investigation of the potential of Piper chuvya as a healthy alternative for tobacco in cigar (bidi). Proceedings of RISTCON 2021
  • Madarasinghe S.K., Yapa K.K.A.S., Kodikara K.A.S., Dissanayake N.P., Sripal D.D.N. and Jayatissa L.P. 2020. Rehabilitation of degrading southern coastal lagoons through dredging, re-salinization and sediment trapping; new directions for wetland management. Proceedings of RISTCON 2020
  • Ileperuma J.C., Abeysinghe S., Sripal D.D.N. 1019. Determination of plant-growth promoting potential of rhizobacteria isolated from banana rhizosphere. Proceedings of RISTCON 2019
  • Member of Science Faculty Day committee 2017
  • Member of Science Faculty Day committee 2021