Zoological Society - University of Ruhuna

Ruhuna University Zoological Society is a registered student society of Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science, University of Ruhuna.
‘Ruhuna University Zoological Society’ was first established in 1992 as a registered student society of the University of Ruhuna with a mission to engage the students in subject-related and extra-curricular activities for the benefit of the society in respect of conserving wildlife and nature. The first inaugural meeting was held on April 2, 1992

Since its inception, a wide array of activities were organized and conducted by this society, for the benefit of the Zoology students, the university and the society at large. To its reputation, the society organized an island-wide photographic exhibition in 1993 which gained great attention by the society. A newspaper brief article highlighted the outcome with a praiseworthy note to the ‘Ruhuna University Zoological Society’ in ‘Dinamina’ daily newspaper dated 1993-09-01.


The society launched its first newsletter named “Widu-E’sa” (meaning scientific eye) in 2001, and published several volumes thereafter.

Zoological Society continued its activities further, and launched an annual science magazine (Diyatha Vidya Sangrahaya) in 1995, and successfully published several volumes thereafter.


The society nourishes from the ideas of the academic staff of the department, and continue to organize important activities yearly for the benefit of the student community, and the society.