Department of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry


  1. The expertise in various field of Chemistry in the Department provide consultancy services to the Chemical industries in the southern region for quality and productivity improvements.
  1. Ruhuna University Service Laboratory is located in the Department of Chemistry and some analytical services (ex : water analysis , food analysis) to the industries in the southern region is provided for concessionary prices through the Ruhuna University Service Laboratory.
  1. Moreover, academic staff of the Department provide enormous support to enhance teaching and learning process of Advanced Level Chemistry subject in the schools of southern region by Conducting Workshops for A/L students Chemistry as a subject , Conducting Workshops for A/L Chemistry teachers.

Procedure to be followed in Analyzing Samples upon Industrial Request

  1. Coordinator of RUSL should be contacted, on the required analysis, followed by a written request to the Head of the Department (fax, hand delivery, e-mail or by post). Quotation for the analysis is provided by Coordinator of the Service Laboratory Payment can be done to Ruhuna University Service Laboratory Account operates in the Bank of Ceylon, Ruhuna University Branch. Client need to provide receipt for confirmation for the payments The vehicle need to provided by the clients in case water sample collection. After completing the analysis , it is informed to the client and report can be collected from Coordinator RUSL