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Research Areas

Current research areas



·      Biodiversity studies in Kirala-Kelesanctuary

·      Integrated Pest Management in vegetable crops in Sri Lanka

·      Biodiversity of insects

·      Tritrophic interaction of insect pests

·      Effects of entomopathogens on vegetable pest control

·      Environmental impact on the diversity of insects

·      Phylogenetic relationships of fishes and other species in Sri Lanka

·      Morphological and genetic markers in population/species differentiation of fish

·      Experimental studies on impacts of environmental pharmaceuticals/pollutants on fishes

·      Plant parasitic nematodes and their management

·      Feed development for aquaculture

·      Seed development improvements for Tilapia culture

·      Invasive species in Sri Lanka

·      Biomarkers for early detection of chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology in Sri Lanka

·      Fish waste as value added products

·      Barcoding and taxonomic identification of economically important crustacean species

·      Phytophagous insects associated with Calotropisgigantea in Sri Lanka

·      Vector biology of cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Sri Lanka