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Staff Information of the Faculty of Science


(Sorted by Order of the Designation)

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Name Designation Email Telephone
Prof. W. G. D. Dharmaratne Senior Professor of Physics dharma@phy.ruh.ac.lk   041-2222681-2 / Ext: 4305
Prof. Kanthi K. A. S. Yapa Professor kanthi@phy.ruh.ac.lk   041-2222681-2 / Ext: 4301
Dr. K. P. S. Jayastilake Senior Lecturer sunil@phy.ruh.ac.lk   041-2222681-2 / Ext: 4304
Dr. G. D. K. Mahanama Senior Lecturer mahanama@phy.ruh.ac.lk   041-2222681-2 / Ext: 4303
Dr. J.A.P. Bodhika Senior Lecturer jbodhika@phy.ruh.ac.lk   041-2222681-2 / Ext: 4306
Mr. E. M. Ranatunga Senior Lecturer ranatung@phy.ruh.ac.lk   041-2222681-2 / Ext: 4306
Mr. H.A.D.S.D. Perera Lecturer pererasd@mail.uc.edu   On leave
Ms. N.M. Wicramage Lecturer manohari@phy.ruh.ac.lk   On leave
Mr. W.M.K. De Silva Lecturer Manjula.desilva@gmail.com   On leave
Ms. N.T. Wickramasuriya Lecturer nadeeka@phy.ruh.ac.lk   On leave
Mr. K.V. Sandanuwan Prasadh Lecturer sandanuwan@phy.ruh.ac.lk   On leave