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Welcome to the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science consists of the Departments of Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, and Zoology. The Faculty offers primarily undergraduate courses leading to a three-year Bachelor of Science (General) Degree and four-year Bachelor of Science (Special) Degrees. [more]


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All applicants for the admission to Bachelors Degree programmes in the Faculty of Science must satisfy the general university admission requirements for the faculty of science as laid down by the University Grants Commission. 
Applicants with equivalent qualifications gained from foreign universities and transfer students referred by the University Grants Commission for admission to this faculty shall be admitted only with the consent of the Faculty Board. Students admitted to the faculty register as fulltime students after fulfilling the requirements for registration laid down by the University Grants Commission and the University. The students are required to maintain their registrations during the total period of study in the faculty.

Subject Combinations and Registration for Course Units

Students are required to select their subject combinations four weeks prior to the commencement of their academic programmes. Any change of subject combinations should be made within 2 weeks from the commencement of the academic programme. Students should register for Core Course Units and Optional Course Units within one week from the commencement of academic work at the beginning of the respective semester. 
Registration for course units is compulsory. A student may change the selected optional course unit within a week from the commencement of the semester. Only those who have registered are allowed to sit for the examination of that course unit. When the number of applicants for a particular course unit exceeds the available capacity, students will be chosen on a selection procedure specified by the respective department. All information regarding above is made available at the office of the Dean and the students are requested to contact the Assistant Registrar of the Faculty for further information.