University Student Mentoring Service


Mentoring is a powerful personal development tool that is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning which leads them to become the person they want to be. Mentoring is to assist people to maximize their potential, develop their skills and improve their performance.

Every undergraduate at University of Ruhuna is assigned to a mentor who can provide advices and guidance. Mentoring programs are conducted in assessing the students.

Faculty of science is also in the process of this mentoring service where the students are assisted and it is really a helpful relationship based upon mutual trust and respect.


Who is the mentor

mentor is a special kind of helper who works with others in a positive, constructive way so that both mentor and protégé have the potential to grow through the relationship.

Duty Of The Mentors

As we consider what mentors do that leads to achieving the goal of 'personalizing and improving the quality of student life and learning,' it's important to realize that:

  1. many of the same things we do in everyday life to 'help others are similar to the role of a mentor, and
  2. it is a mentor's responsibility to take what we do in everyday life and develop those 'helping' abilities into a set of paraprofessional mentoring skills.

Some of the things that one might do to help a friend who's having a hard time might include:

  • providing information and advice based on your experience and ideas;
  • encouraging him or her to take a healthy, positive, and constructive risk;
  • 'being there' just to listen and understand;
  • offering honest and positive feedback;
  • planning and thinking with her or him about how to work through a challengingor confusing situation;
  • sharing different points of view to understand an issue or problem from as many different ideas and ways of thinking as possible; and,
  • making use of multiple perspectives to base decisions in choosing from the best of all the options, creating an action plan, and following through with that plan.
Why Mentoring

It is more important to students who wants to get a help from onother person.