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Welcome to the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science consists of the Departments of Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, and Zoology. The Faculty offers primarily undergraduate courses leading to a three-year Bachelor of Science (General) Degree and four-year Bachelor of Science (Special) Degrees. [more]


  Faculty of Science

Financial Assistance

There are several financial assistance programmes to help students finance their education when their own family resources are inadequate. At present, students are offered the following financial assistance for their University education:
Mahapola Higher Education Scholarships
The University Grants Commission sends application forms to all University entrees to apply for this scholarship. The student should send the completed forms to the University Grants Commission. The student's parents income, the number of siblings studying under 18 years of age, the distance from his/her home to the university and the student's rank at district level are considered when granting the scholarship. A merit scholarship is also granted according to student's merits. Amount of money paid for these two scholarships is given in the table below:

Merit scholarship Rs.2550.00 Per installment
General scholarship Rs.2000.00 Per installment

Recipients are entitled to maximum 10 installments per academic year for both Mahapola and Bursary scheme .


The students who are not granted Mahapola scholarships are able to apply for bursaries offered by the University. The University calls applications for student loans from University entrees. Family income, the number of siblings studying under 18 years of age and the distance from his/her home to the University are considered when granting the bursaries.

Full student bursary Rs.2000/= Per installment

Half student bursary Rs.1900/= Per installment

Other Scholarships

The University calls applications for the following scholarships from the students who do not receive Mahapola or student bursaries:

Martin Wickramasinghe Memorial Scholarship:

The two students who obtain highest marks in the Bachelor of Science General Degree Part I Examination, one each from the Biological and the Physical Science streams are awarded this scholarship.

Chandrapala Weerakoon Scholarship

Scholarship in Honour of Professor Ranmutu H. Wijayanayake

This scholarship will be awarded to a student of this faculty who obtains the highest aggregate of marks for Chemistry at BSc (General) Degree Level I and Level II Examinations.

K. G. K. Wedahitha Scholarship