Faculty Day-2013

Science Faculty Day, which has been organized since 2006, was held fruitfully on 2nd October 2013. The objective of organizing this event is not only to develop a friendly, harmonious and pleasant environment by collective activities among students and academic/non-academic staff but also to build the unity of the Faculty for smooth functioning of its activities.

The Faculty Day was commemorated with the participation of Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor with a social activity, planting more than 100 vary valuable plants, woody and suitable plants for the university environment such as kumbuk, mee, na, hora, goraka etc., throughout the university premises. The day continued with sport activities such as a mini-marathon, cricket and netball games.

In order to improve the soft-skills, such as friendship, organization skills, leadership skills, etc. of the students, a talent show, an art competition among the students and other activities such as distributing kolakeda, belimal, tea etc. among the participants by student societies were organized. The art competition among the students was a very attractive event.

To develop a friendly, harmonious and pleasant environment by collective activities, a number of fun activities were arranged. Out of them, catching eggs between couples was an eye-catching event among all participants.

This activity, mainly funded through HETC project and by the staff of the Faculty, was partially supported by People’s Bank, NDB Bank, RDB Bank, NSB Bank, DFCC Bank, Commercial Bank, PanAsia Bank, Commercial Credit, Freelan Enterprises, Harishchandra PLC, Sri Lanka Insurance, Apex Business Academy, Auto care (Akuressa Rd), Suhada Motors, and The Finance PLC.

Accomplishing the objectives, the Science Faculty Day 2013 was very successfully organized by a committee of academic/non-academic staff and students chaired by Dr. Pushpa Abeysinghe of Department of Botany.

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