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Welcome to the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science consists of the Departments of Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, and Zoology. The Faculty offers primarily undergraduate courses leading to a three-year Bachelor of Science (General) Degree and four-year Bachelor of Science (Special) Degrees. [more]

Faculty of Science

General Degree Programme

Subjects offered Course units Selection of Course units Identification Course unit combinations

Subjects Offered

In the faculty of science there are two main streams of study as given in the following table. In addition to the Course Units under subject areas given in the table, several other Course Units from different disciplines are also available as Optional Course Units. The denotations of such Course Units begin with FSC.

For a degree programme each student should select Course Units from the relevant stream. Mathematics is a compulsory subject for the degrees offered under physical science streams. Students who follow Biological Science stream are strongly advised to follow Chemistry as a subject.

Prefixes used in Course Units
Biological Sciences
Physical Sciences
Computer Science
- Applied Mathematics (AM)
- Industrial Mathematics (IM)*


            *IM is not offered together with Applied Mathematics or Computer Science.



Course Units

A Course Unit is a selectively organized section of a subject. Course Units are of two types, that are Core Course Units and Optional Course Units. Core Course Units are designed by including basic and essential subject matter. Optional Course Units contain specific areas, which would provide a diverse knowledge on a particular subject. Theory Course Units consist of lectures, assignments and tutorials. Practical Course Units are either laboratory based or field based studies of a particular subject. In addition, there are Course Units which consist of project work and Combined Course Units consist of both theory and practical components. Course Units are organized at three Levels, namely, I, II and III for the General Degree. On the performance at the examinations of Level I and Level II and on application by the students, a student shall be selected to follow a Special Degree in a particular subject area. The duration of a Special Degree program is four years in total. Special degree program is considered as Level IV which consists of two academic years, namely Special Degree Level I and Level II.


Credit value of a Course Units

Course Units have Credit Values. A credit is a time based quantitative measure used to determine the weightage of a particular Course Unit as shown below.

Credit Value

Theory Course Units


15 contact hours
30 hour Course Unit
45 hour Course Unit

Practical Course Units

30-45hour Course Units
60-90 hour Course Unit


30-45 hour Project


Combined Course Units

e.g. 30 theory hours and 45 practical hours together
      15 theory hours and 45 practical hours
      30 theory hours and 22.5 practical hours



Selection of Course Units

There are several options for selection of course units. Available options will be announced at the commencement of the semester. The Course Unit pathways have been designed to ensure a significant degree of diversification within the degree programme. Core Course Units are the compulsory units, which should be followed by all students in accordance with the streams selected. Optional Course Units can be selected at the discretion of the student, according to the selection criteria prescribed by the Faculty/Department. Students are not allowed to register for more than 6 credits of FSC course units for the B.Sc. (General) Degree which requires course units of 90 credits with a maximum of 95 credits. Any student may register for any number of course units as non degree course units.


Biological Science Stream:

During the first two academic years, students in Biological Science Stream must follow Core Course Units offered by any three departments out of the Department of Chemistry, Zoology, Botany and Physics. The Department of Chemistry and Physics offer Core Course Units in the Semester I of Level III, and students should follow these Core Course Units if they have selected Chemistry and/or Physics as a subject area. All Course Units offered by the Department of Botany and Zoology in Level III are optional, and therefore students are free to select Course Units according to their choice depending on the availability of a place in the class. The Course Unit offered by the Department of Chemistry and Physics in the Semester II of Level III are also optional, and as a result students have more choices during this Semester. Different combinations of subject areas available for Biological Science students in the General Degree program are given in Section 2.13. Level III students who follow Zoology as a subject, have to select course units of six credits from the courses offered by the Department of Zoology.


Physical Science Stream:

Physical Science students have the choice to select Core Course Units offered by three departments out of the Departments of Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics. Mathematics Department offers three subject areas. Physical Science students must follow Core Course Units within three subject areas of their choice including mathematics during the first two academic years and the Semester I of Level III. During semester II of 9 Level III they have freedom to select Optional Course Units available for Physical Science students. Course units available for different streams in Physical Science are given in the Section 2.14. Interdisciplinary Course Units (Unit codes starting with FSC) are also available as Optional Course Units for both Bioscience and Physical Science streams.


Identification of Course Units

An alphanumeric code is used to identify a unit. The code consists of four digits prefixed by a set of three letters denoting the subject/Course Unit as described by the example given below:


Eg.  ZOO3162  


General  Options





BOT:  Botany,  CHE: Chemistry, COM: Computer Science, PHY: Physics,
MAT: Mathematics, AMT: Applied Mathematics, IMT: Industrial Mathematics, ZOO: Zoology, FSC: Course Units  offered by the Faculty


Level 3

1: Level I, 2: Level II, 3: Level III, 4: Special Degree


Semester  I

1: Semester  I, 2: Semester  II, b: Offered during  two Semesters


A number  assigned by the relevant department


Credit  Value is 2

1, δ :  1.25, α :  1.5, 2, β :  2.5, 3, 4, ....





First  three  characters Subject MAT- Mathematics, PHY - Physics
Fourth character Level 2 - Level II, 1 - Level I
Fifth character Semester  of the year 2 - Second Semester,  b - Both  Semesters
Sixth  character Number  given by the department 4 - Fourth course unit
Seventh  character Credit  value 3 - Three  credits,  β- 2.5 credits

Course Unit Combinations


Biological Science Streams



Physical Science Streams