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Bachelor of Computer Science (General) Degree

The Bachelor of Computer Science (BCSc) degree program is an out-come of an enormous effort of the staff of the Department of Computer Science. One of the prime objectives of this degree programme is to prepare the undergraduates for a career in Computer Science and Information Technology, which is one of the major driving forces of the economic development of Sri Lanka. Students admitted to the program will pursue a full-scale Computer Science programme of three years leading to the degree of Bachelor of Computer Science (General). Based on the performance, a limited number of students will be selected to study an extra year leading to the degree of Bachelor of Computer Science (Special). One of the prime objectives of the special degree is to offer in-depth knowledge in selected areas of computer science for those who wish to pursue an academic and/or research careers.

Organization of Academic Activities

The academic program of BCS degree is organized to help developing timeless as well as soft and technical skills of students admitted to the degree program. Considering different aspects of skills development, in addition to courses offered to the degree program, the department arranges visits and workshops in collaboration with various industries, in Sri Lanka, in the domain of software development.

Industry Visits and Workshops

The department of computer science organizes industry visits with the aim of achieving different objectives such as motivating students by understanding applicability of the knowledge that they gain at the university, understanding different levels of skills expected from a graduate by industry, understanding different technological advancements in the fields of computer science, information systems and Information Technology, etc.

E-learning through Video Conference Facilities

With the objective of breaking distance barrier and obtaining expertise knowledge in various disciplines, the department of Computer Science, will invite experts from industry as well as from academia to deliver special lectures as a part of academic activities of the BCS degree program. These will be conducted through e-learning facilities at the department of Computer Science.